Endorsements and Reviews

Phyllis Keels was the first woman ever to be elected to serve as Chairman of the Deacons at First Baptist Church of Salisbury. (2015)

“Phyllis has contributed greatly to the discipling and worship ministries of First Baptist through her writing and teaching. I have seen Phyllis comfort the troubled heart, whether it’s a parent that’s struggling with a challenging teenager, or wife who must prepare herself to say a final goodbye to her spouse.

It’s clear to me that Phyllis’ creativity flows and is defined by her compassion. That compassion has been forged upon the anvil tragedy. But even in the midst of the most heart breaking moment any parent can face, Phyllis showed profound steadiness and humility.

The strength seen in a character so severely tested, can only be described as a strength that originated from another place, endowed by one higher and mightier than oneself. One who has been immersed in both tragedy and triumph has a word to say to women who are looking to know God’s heart, and desire to speak with God’s voice.

Phyllis has a word not just for the women of our day, but for the men as well. It’s no surprise that she is greatly admired by all in her church family. I have no doubt that this strong but humble woman of God will continue to be used by our Lord to build up His Church.

She has given her mind and her voice over to Christ to such an extent that the individual who refuses to listen to what our God has placed on her heart will find themselves spiritually fragile if they do not listen to or read what God is teaching us through her.”

Dr. Kenneth Lance, Senior Pastor First Baptist Church of Salisbury

Book review for The King of Daldriada – “Riveting and Powerful!”

“Riveting! ‘The King of Daldriada’ gripped my attention from the moment I read the first page. The powerful, endearing characters draw you into their lives and struggles, while transporting you back in time to a beautiful medieval setting. I laughed. I cried. I sat on the edge of my seat in suspense.

I learned so many valuable lessons about persevering in my struggles as I watched the characters face so many challenges by continuing to put their faith in God. I saw the Lord’s lovingkindness, faithfulness, and power in the midst of this story. I saw His triumph at the end.

The author’s writing style is dynamic and personal. It puts you right into the story so that you become part of it. I could “see” the beautiful landscapes. My heart warmed at the loving family interactions between Fyrddin, Nina, and Jonathan. I laughed at the jesting between Phillip and Anwas. I smiled at the devotion between Anwas and Lynnette.

“The King of Daldriada” offers a feel-good reading experience, where good triumphs over evil, faith vanquishes all enemies, and devotion to family, friends, and the Lord yields a great treasure. You will be blessed in reading this book!”

Susan Jane King, International Speaker and Bestselling Author of “Optimism for Autism”

Book review for The Lady of Daldriada – “Really Enjoyed This!”
“I love historical fiction but have to admit I’m not much for fantasy. However, I really enjoyed this book!

It was very well-written. Author Phyllis Keels presents a character who is no pansy, dialogue that doesn’t lag, and action that keeps the story moving forward. I enjoyed the romance and the suspense, and she did a good job developing many of the characters into ones you would want to read more about (which is good since this will be a 3-part series!).

I picked The Lady of Daldriada up one afternoon and had it read by the end of the day. Considering I have 3 stacks of books next to my bed, and several of them have been started then ignored since, that’s a big compliment. This book was a very pleasant surprise.”

Kimberly Rae, Bestselling Internationally Published Author of “Stolen” Series